Thursday, August 31, 2017

Finishing Touches for a Dining 'Temple'

Nine days to go until it's time to roll out the Temple of Hathor at this year's Gatsby Summer Afternoon. The roof facia is painted (some touch-ups needed, but they can go to the end of the project line). Am sewing ties to the back wall now, along with filling a vintage photo album with Egyptian expedition photos from that era. I'm including some bonus shots of the old De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Originally built as the Fine Arts Building for the California Midwinter Exposition of 1894, the building was damaged and has since been replaced by a very modern structure.

"The Fine Arts Building was designed in a pseudo–Egyptian Revival style and decoratively adorned with images of Hathor, the cow goddess. Following the exposition, the building was designated as a museum for the people of San Francisco." - History of the De Young.
Tourists staying at one of the grand hotels in Giza.

Dress is cut out and awaiting assembly. No progress on a hat, I'm more concerned about a temple topper than my own chapeau. I have most of the goods to make a Crown of Hathor, and a mock up isn't bad, but I need to make it in a sturdier material that will hold up to wind and last until the temple's next outing.  A friend is already interested in using it for an Amelia Peabody L.A.R.P. (yes, PLEASE.)

I guess this means I have to drill down holes for the wires
to go into to hold up the horns. Yes, that's a coat hanger.

Need to use 2x2" wood screwed together instead of Styrofoam for strength.
This thing will screw down to the pole at the left, which fits into the top of the sunshade.

Here are a few more pics of the shots I found for the album.

Victorian tourists getting their Egypto-picnics on.
That's Agatha Christie top right and bottom right. 

The album itself has a story - I found it on the clearance rack at Salvation Army. It was cleaned out apart from an old clipping and a few photos that I'm guessing were duplicates. From the name printed in the front and the aforementioned, it looks like this belonged to a WWII airman who was from Nevada City, where my husband and I got married. He grew up there, and that's where our families still live. What are the odds?!?!?

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