Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Temple of Hathor, Maiden Voyage

Delighted to report we officially launched the Temple of Hathor this past weekend at Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2017.

We had a lovely – and extremely helpful – group of friends to picnic with, and encountered others we knew by surprise at the event. It was hotter and more humid than usual – we tried to think of it as additional trappings of an Egyptian picnic, but it was pretty brutal for us CA weather snowflakes all the same. Kudos to all the folks who managed to look extremely elegant, unwrinkled and pristine despite the heat, which at one point drove my preschool-age son to strip down to his Captain America underpants.

At least we got his pants back on by this point. Poor kid!

Luckily dear husband got him re-dressed in time for the announcement of the Grand Prize Picnic winner – I'd be lying through my teeth if I didn't admit I was absolutely thrilled. And it seemed like great justification for all the "making chaos" I've created around the house over the past several weeks.

A thing like this only works when you have great pals and/or supportive S.O.s who are willing to help realize a vision. Feeling super grateful for both, which was the real reward from this project! For more photos of the Temple, visit the Flickr album. More process pics are in previous posts, and I'm thinking about doing a how-to guide on creating the ceiling and facia for others who are looking for practical ways to disguise a modern pop-up. The judges indicated that aspect of our set-up was the main factor in our recognition, so I gather it's a topic of interest. More to come!

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